Boulder Country Day School

What does it mean to be a BCD student? BCD Students Are... Prepared.

Outstanding faculty, small class size and a rigorous curriculum prepare BCD students for success in any quality high school and beyond.

About Us


Small Class Size

We believe small class size allows our teachers to truly see, know and love each student. It is essential in differentiating instruction.

Dedicated Faculty

We believe that a caring and dedicated faculty is the "heart and soul" of our school.

Challenging Academic Curriculum

We believe children thrive when given high expectations and the tools and support to meet them. We also believe that learning should be fun, and we plan our lessons accordingly.

World Language Instruction: Preschool - 8th Grade

We believe rich language experiences, especially early in life, not only benefit literacy development, but also all areas of thinking and learning. 

English, Literature and Composition Instruction

We believe reading and writing skills are cornerstones of strong academic instruction and future academic success.

Math and Science Offerings

We believe that rigorous math and science instruction are vital 21st Century skills. On average, BCD students learn math one year above grade level.  We offer science lab instruction in every grade, and our students attend additional STEM classes in middle school.

Outstanding Standardized National Test Scores

We believe that 3rd party assessment is crucial to the success of our students and our school. Every BCD student in Kindergarten through 8th grade participates in an annual assessment however our school does not “teach to the test”.

International, National and State Accreditations & Affiliations

We believe in continuous school improvement, and, as such, seek accreditation from organizations that focus on that process. BCD is accredited by the Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS), recognized by the Colorado Department of Education, a member in good standing of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. We are the only school in the world that meets the standards of all of these organizations.

Exceptional Fine Arts Offerings

We believe creativity can be taught, must be nurtured, and is an important linkage across all disciplines. Our students receive regular, weekly instruction in visual arts, music, and choir.

Outstanding Physical Education and Athletic Programs

We believe students learn better when they are physically active. Our preschool and elementary students have recess outside at least two times per day (morning and afternoon), we teach physical education and health at every grade level, and 95% of our middle school students participate in our athletic program.

Committed and Engaged Parent Body

We believe education works best when schools and families partner for the benefit of the students. Committed and engaged parents are keys to the success of those partnerships, and we encourage parent participation at every grade levels.

Outstanding Campus

We believe that a safe, clean, and age-appropriate campus enhances improves learning and enhances student performance. In our most recent survey 97.8% of our parents reported their child feels safe at BCD.