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Does  Boulder Country Day use standardized testing and if so, which one? 

We do test children grades 3rd -8th.  The name of the standardized test used is the Comprehensive Testing Program 4 (CTP4); however, it is most commonly referred to as the ERB.  This is a reference to Educational Records Bureau, the name of the company that sells and scores the test.  Children in Kindergarten - 2nd grade are assessed two times a year with another online, external test to monitor progress and prepare them for the concept of test taking.


Why does Boulder Country Day use a nationally normed test like the ERB?

The more selective normative population of the ERB’s allows us to compare ourselves against a much stronger group of schools.  Most accredited ACIS and NAIS schools take the ERB’s.  This will allow us to review our program against some of the best schools in the nation.


What is the overall goal of the standardized testing program at BCD?

Our goal is simple:  to ensure academic excellence and student achievement by evaluating ourselves each year with the top independent schools in America. 


How does the school know if the goal has been reached?

We review the scores of our students as a whole against two normative groups; national norms (a random sampling of all types of schools in the nation) and independent schools.  The goal is met if the BCD results are very strong when compared against the national norms and are very similar to the distribution found in the independent school norms. 


Are there specific goals for individual students?

Yes.  We use the ERB scores, along with our internal assessments, to determine what type of academic differentiation a student might need.  Students who score at a very high level will continue to be challenged in our rigorous curriculum, but may receive individual enrichment through our resource and classroom teachers.  Likewise, if a student’s scores are not in the top percentiles, we will work to provide additional support to ensure the acquisition of the skills needed to improve student learning and future scores.

Is the data available to view?

Presently, the results of the ERB tests are available on an individual basis.  BCD moved to offering this test in the spring of 2012 and we need three years worth of data to provide statistically accurate reports on school-wide progress in particular curricular areas.  So far, however, our students are showing to be quite strong in comparison to their peers at other independent schools nationally. 

Parents of Elementary and Middle School students are encouraged to discuss their child's test results with their teacher, advisor or School Director.  Prospective parents are encouraged to discuss the ERB with the Director of Admission and Marketing.