Boulder Country Day School

What does it mean to be a BCD student? BCD Students Are... Responsible.

Accountability is increasingly becoming a lost value. At BCD our motto is “Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Take Responsibility for Your Actions.”


“The teachers at BCD are truly exceptional people. I did not realize how unusual this was until I went to shadow at the high schools. Here, the teachers know you personally and the level of trust astounds me every day.”– BCD Middle School student



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The library serves as a resource for all members of the BCD community. Materials are available for use in the classroom or at home by students, faculty, and parents. The library collection contains over 12,000 titles and is currently expanding e-sources and electronic databases accessible 24/7 through our library website. 

Library Library


All BCD students have access to the library. Preschool students visit with their class on a regular basis. Young students become acquainted with the library through stories, activities, songs and book browsing. Four- and five-year-old preschool students check out books each week to share at home. Kindergarten through fifth grade students visit the library weekly and middle school students visit as needed through project-based learning. In addition, the library maintains an open-door policy which allows individuals or small groups of students and faculty to visit any time during the school day.


Every grade has a fully developed curriculum for library skills. Library usage skills as well as research skills (both printed and electronic) are incorporated into each library visit. Elementary classes schedule additional library time to complete projects.  

The library makes every effort to provide current, appropriate materials to directly support classroom curriculum; and supports the Middle School IB curriculum through Model UN, Science Fair, History Day and STEM presentations. The library projects a welcoming, comfortable, as well as functional academic atmosphere for all students, teachers and parents to enjoy.


Library funding continues to be a priority at BCD, allowing for growth and development of the collection and enrichment programs such as author visits and programming. BCD is proud to be staffed by a degreed librarian. Looking to the future, further integration into all curriculum areas and additional materials including more electronic sources are ranked high on our list of goals.