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Questions & Answers about The Admission Process

Is there an application deadline?

Boulder Country Day uses a rolling admission policy.  This means that we will continue to receive applications until our classes are filled.  While there is no deadline, we encourage early application to ensure there is a spot.  To find out if there are spaces available, please contact the Office of Admission at .

How do I get my child into the wait pool for the next school year if you are full?

For the Pre-Kindergarten programs, the application date is one of the considerations that determines your child's placement in the program - the earlier you submit an application, the better chance you have of being admitted to the school. For other grades there are many considerations considered when taking a child out of our wait pool.  Because we do fill in many grades, early applications are always advised.

Once I submit an application, what is the next step?

For Kindergarten and grades 1-8, the Director of Admission will contact you to schedule a student assessment. At this time you may also schedule a classroom shadow visit for your child. These assessments are usually about 60 minutes in length. The shadow visits take place in the child's current grade level class for either half a day to a full day with the exception of those entering 6th grade.  We have rising 6th graders shadow up in the Middle School. Also, teacher recommendation forms from the current teacher (Math and English for Middle School applicants), school records, and any test scores must be submitted to complete the application file.

Which grades require a student assessment?

Assessments are given for students entering Kindergarten through eighth grades.  BCD also offers group Kindergarten Assessments in January and February as needed.  Please consult the Event section of the Admission web pages for dates and details.

What is evaluated in the student assessment?

During its assessments, BCD is trying to determine if the applicant is ready for our learning environment and community.  We want to ensure that if we admit the student, that they will thrive here.  We assess each child's reading, writing, and math skills as well as various elements of social and emotional development.  The goal is to assess "fit", both for BCD and the student.  

How long does the assessment take?

Assessments take approximately 1 hour.

When will I be notified if my child has been accepted?

Because we work on a rolling basis, families will typically be notified within two weeks of their child's application completion and shadow visit/assessment.